Mod service!

If anyone wants any Gameboy mods done then drop me an email and we can talk about it

ralph (dot) nex (at) gmail (dot) com

I can make midi enabled DMG gameboys, midi enabled super gameboys, possibly even MIDI enabled Gameboy Pockets, backlighting, pro sound etc

If you have any ideas or have a request we can talk about what can be done

I also have some experience with circuit bending too, so if you have something you want messed with you can send it to me and i will do something with it.

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RGB Boy Lite + Screen Invert control test

Just a quick update.

This is the RGB Boy Lite that I did on commission. It has less features than the full-featured one but it still has the essential stuff from its big brother, such as an internal Arduinoboy and fully controllable lights.


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Taking it to the NeX level (RGB backlight)

hi all,

this is my RGB gameboy, it was inspired by the RGB backlight that Nonfinite sent me to test. I really recommend these backlights there is a lot that can be done with them, i don’t know if they are on sale just yet but the shop is at:

again huge thanks to nonfinite team for this one, the project would have never happened without you guys!

this gameboy comes complete with everything ever! here is a mod list:

3.5mm pro sound factory style
1/4″ pro sound
RCA pro sound
maintained 3.5mm headphone jack
gameboy pocket retro fitted screen
XOR style bivert chip
Super gameboy CPU for quick silent boot
clear buttons
normal and underclocked switch
pitch bend
full midi support
built in LSDJ keyboard socket
25way data port socket
removed text
RGB case lights
RGB backlight
self strobing LEDs
secondery arduino for RGB control
tactile switches and stereo pot for input control
maintains original features including speaker
modified power regulator for extra low interferance

so yea this gameboy was built to replace my other gameboys so i wanted to make sure that every feature on my other gameboys was included in this one. the only thing it is lacking from the other gameboys is an overclock switch, there was space for the crystal but i didn’t have any kind of switch that would have worked.


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Ultimate midi gameboy (sale!)

this is my ultimate midi gameboy, i dont think i will make another one like this just because it was so difficult to fit everything inside.

this gameboy is actually FOR SALE! i will be putting it on ebay tomorrow, but if someone wants to make an offer for it before then, then they can email me Ralph (dot) nex (at) gmail (dot) com

this is a special edition one, in the way that if someone had asked me to make it i would have turned them down because of the amount of work, i wont be making another gameboy to this level for sale because of the work, the only reason i am making this and selling it is because i am going on holiday in 2 weeks and need the cash badly so i will be selling this at a lower price than i would normally. get a bargin!

basically it has just about everything:

clear case with text removed
clear buttons
case lights/button lights
“strobe lights” on the back that flash with the music
PS/2 keyboard socket to make any old computer keyboard into an LSDJ keyboad
white backlight with bi invert for high contrast
brand new screen surround
full midi support
pitch bent with a “low crash rate” switch between normal and pitch bent
3.5mm pro sound
normal headphone jack intact and internal speaker
1/4″ pro sound
modified arduino with purple BPM light
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USB cartridge modded to work as a programmer

The credit for this idea has to go to nitro2k01, his genius idea helped me test program my USB Gameboy Camera before i had fitted the USB part. I don’t have a programmer so this was the idea.

Basically i added a switch to my USB cart so that it would disconnect the CE pins from the MBC5 and the flash chip, then using an adapter it can be used to program carts and read/write saves etc, then flicking the switch turns it back into a cartridge. :)

I wanted the switch to be strong so i used the programming holes in the USB board, but I had to cut the traces first.

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Totally kitted out Gameboy SP

This is my Gameboy Advance SP.

It has a new type of pro sound that uses SMD resistors, it is as clear as a DMG in my opinion and i am VERY happy with it!

It also has a GBA accelerator from division 6, this allows it to be over or underclocked during play without it crashing.

It has been upgraded with the AGS101 internals for a backlit, super bright screen.

It has a stealth dimmer also from division 6 which can brighten or darken the backlight at a push of a button.

And most importantly it has full MIDI, with a custom Arduinoboy built in!

Here is the YOUTUBE video. Sorry its so long but i had the MIDI sockets mixed up!!!

I had to cut out the battery compartment to make room for the Arduino

A new smaller pre pot pro sound means that it doesn’t need the internal switch to mute the audio, which means i can use the old audio/charge socket at the back for my midi connectors.

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Super sync boy

This is a project i made for someone. I wasn’t so happy to build it as the concept wasn’t fully working, but it was in exchange for a USB cart which gave birth to my USB Gameboy Camera so its ok.

What does it do? Well it takes clock pulses from the Gameboy and uses them to interrupt the audio or change the pitch of the Gameboy in time with the music. The dials at the bottom control the pitch, duty cycle and multiplier.

Here are the YOUTUBE videos of it working:

Self pitch sync:

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