Super sync boy

This is a project i made for someone. I wasn’t so happy to build it as the concept wasn’t fully working, but it was in exchange for a USB cart which gave birth to my USB Gameboy Camera so its ok.

What does it do? Well it takes clock pulses from the Gameboy and uses them to interrupt the audio or change the pitch of the Gameboy in time with the music. The dials at the bottom control the pitch, duty cycle and multiplier.

Here are the YOUTUBE videos of it working:

Self pitch sync:

Self audio sync:

Self pitch sync 2:

Two gameboy sync:

Here it is with the first two dials fitted

Tight fit!!!

Getting the Arduino in and all wired up, it failed to work SOOO many times

Finally got it to boot with the pitch sync

Finally put it all together

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10 Responses to Super sync boy

  1. ryan says:

    this thing is amazing, it kind of reminds me of Gijs’s mcg-dj-setup.
    I’d like to know more about audio syncing, it sounds pretty weird. I’ve seen other people circuit bend gameboys, and i know this isn’t really circuit bending… but it sounds the best out of all the things I’ve seen.
    any information would be appreciated

  2. NeX says:

    thanks! Gijs is a true genius, but what i have done is similar to some of his work, and similar to some that LittleScale has done as well. basically the gameboy outputs a signal that can be sent to other gameboys to keep them in time. i just take this signal and use it to switch on the audio at the right times, which gives this LFO effect. its actually quite common in music (i found out after putting so much effort building this!) you can do simmilar things in programs like Ableton Live.

  3. Jazzmarazz says:

    This is amazing! Only a few weeks ago, I was raving over my recent discovery of the pro sound mod, and now this…All I can say is that I wish for you to include a sort of walk through. Anything, I don’t care if its a pinout diagram made in MS paint! xD

  4. NeX says:


    its actually more to do with software than hardware the pin outs are very simple but the software is kinda complex

  5. Jazzmarazz says:

    K, thanks NeX. Its not really something I need to do, I was just interested.
    Also, I like your Jar of electronic crap. I have one too. :P

  6. NeX says:

    fair enough, its pretty much just signals from the link port, is the only wiring.

    and yea actually i have a lot of jars of crap! i have bolted the lids under my shelves so i can just screw the jars back up out of the way :)

  7. Gabe says:

    If i send you a DMG for these mods how much would it cost, also i bought a backlight from kitch-bent and custom Dpad and buttons that i could send with the DMG to be installed.

    Mods to be installed
    -Super sync boy
    -RCA video and sound out
    -Green LEDs behind Dpad and Buttons
    -Green Backlight
    thanks in advance, just an estimate would be fine.. no need to whip out the calculator. =P

  8. NeX says:

    i think it would be better if we talked about this via email. you can send me a mail at: Ralph (dot) nex (at) gmail (dot) com

    not all those things can be put in a gameboy, or in the same gameboy so it depends on exactly what you want

  9. Charlie says:

    Could you refresh the pictures as they do not show any more.

  10. NeX says:

    hi there, sorry for the late reply, i need to deal with all the pictures and upload new ones, i will try and sort that as soon as possible

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