Totally kitted out Gameboy SP

This is my Gameboy Advance SP.

It has a new type of pro sound that uses SMD resistors, it is as clear as a DMG in my opinion and i am VERY happy with it!

It also has a GBA accelerator from division 6, this allows it to be over or underclocked during play without it crashing.

It has been upgraded with the AGS101 internals for a backlit, super bright screen.

It has a stealth dimmer also from division 6 which can brighten or darken the backlight at a push of a button.

And most importantly it has full MIDI, with a custom Arduinoboy built in!

Here is the YOUTUBE video. Sorry its so long but i had the MIDI sockets mixed up!!!

I had to cut out the battery compartment to make room for the Arduino

A new smaller pre pot pro sound means that it doesn’t need the internal switch to mute the audio, which means i can use the old audio/charge socket at the back for my midi connectors.

Relocation of the audio cap to make room for the pro sound.

The new pro sound, i added 3 new resistors, see if you can spot them.

The SMD resistors.

Stealth dimmer and accelerator fitted.

Accelerator on the underside.

The original Arduino 5V Pro Mini was far too big, there was nowhere it would fit at all, so I made a super cut down Arduino for the job

Fitted a mode switch by recycling the reset switch from an Arduino.

The biggest part of the project, the optocoupler, using full sized components, but there is loads of room for this.

Arduinoboy fitted, it is running my version of the Arduinoboy software with beeps to indicate mode instead of lights.

Other side…

MIDI out 220 ohm resistor fitted and the pro sound wired.

On the other side you can see the pro sound wires on the right.

Pro sound wired.

All closed. The Arduino was going to sit on the top of the CPU but there wasn’t space, luckily the buffer chip is thinner.

This beast worked first time so i am very pleased with it, be sure to check the Youtube video to see how it all works.

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4 Responses to Totally kitted out Gameboy SP

  1. jake says:

    this is great! is it something i could get my hands on if i sent you my sp?


  2. NeX says:

    thanks, but i really don’t know if i could do it again, as it was a lot of work. maybe some aspects of it but certainly not all of it. the effort of creating an arduinoboy that fits in an SP for example is a lot of work just on its own

  3. Ryan says:

    This is an awesome mod. I do have a question about it though…
    I wanted to put in an audio jack in my gameboy sp. i saw this tutorial, which looks pretty good:
    but you said you had a pro sound mod for the sp.
    8bc doesn’t have the picture anymore, but do you have that tutorial uploaded anywhere else? how much better does it sound?

  4. NeX says:

    i will probably do a better tutorial for NoiseChan when i get the chance. the pro sound is proper line level so it is much better for recording, but the CPU itself isn’t perfect. but its pretty good

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