Ultimate midi gameboy (sale!)

this is my ultimate midi gameboy, i dont think i will make another one like this just because it was so difficult to fit everything inside.

this gameboy is actually FOR SALE! i will be putting it on ebay tomorrow, but if someone wants to make an offer for it before then, then they can email me Ralph (dot) nex (at) gmail (dot) com

this is a special edition one, in the way that if someone had asked me to make it i would have turned them down because of the amount of work, i wont be making another gameboy to this level for sale because of the work, the only reason i am making this and selling it is because i am going on holiday in 2 weeks and need the cash badly so i will be selling this at a lower price than i would normally. get a bargin!

basically it has just about everything:

clear case with text removed
clear buttons
case lights/button lights
“strobe lights” on the back that flash with the music
PS/2 keyboard socket to make any old computer keyboard into an LSDJ keyboad
white backlight with bi invert for high contrast
brand new screen surround
full midi support
pitch bent with a “low crash rate” switch between normal and pitch bent
3.5mm pro sound
normal headphone jack intact and internal speaker
1/4″ pro sound
modified arduino with purple BPM light

so yea you wanna see pics ok:

this is the LED that lights up the D pad

pitch bent pot, very tight fit

PS/2 socket

midi sockets fitted, mode button and 1/4″ socket

strobe lights down the sides

pitch bent switch

modification to the shield to make room for the bivert chip

pitch bent chip fitted and bivert

first test

midi start with many resistors

pro sound wired

arduino in place, clear buttons and biverted backlight screen

wiring nightmare!

more wiring

case lights/strobes

keyboard test





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14 Responses to Ultimate midi gameboy (sale!)

  1. PixelPlus says:

    Hey is still up for grabs, I can imagine its not, anyone with a brain would nab it in a heart beat!

  2. NeX says:

    na sorry this one has been sold, but if you want something similar, you are welcome to send me an email :) ralph (dot) nex (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. 8bit Reality says:

    This is an amazing mod, are you able to give any more information about the ps/2 socket you put in? Does the normal link socket still work with a keyboard plugged in and would you be able to explain roughly how you did this? Sorry I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff.

  4. NeX says:

    the PS/2 socket is nothing more than an adapter, the serial data is exactly the same its just changing the gameboy socket into a PS/2 shaped socket. the normal link port doesn’t work when using the keyboard because of the way serial works, that just wouldn’t be possible. but the link port still works when nothing is plugged into the keyboard port.

    it is just as simple as installing the socket, then taking the pins and wiring up to the right places on the gameboy, so the clock pin on the keyboard socket goes to the clock pin on the gameboy, and the data out from the keyboard goes to data in, and then you give the keyboard power and its all good,

  5. Calvin says:

    Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to get the full midi support? I’d like to add this mod to my DMG-01 but can’t seem to find a tutorial/kit anywhere.

  6. NeX says:

    no sorry no tutorial yet, i might make one when i have some free time

  7. Jazzmarazz says:

    Hey NeX, Im having trouble finding the pinout for midi in/out. I understand that it has to do with the ext port, but I cannot find specifics. I bought several 5/180° female DIN connectors, just like the ones you use, but need the locations of where to solder. Can you send me a descriptive pic or add a new page to your blog showing all of the connections?

  8. NeX says:

    there are no pinouts for midi, its done with an arduino, the midi sockets are wired to the arduino and the arduino is wired to the link port

  9. Jazzmarazz says:

    Ok, but I am having trouble finding a Pro mini (5v) anymore. It seems they have gone out of production. The Arduino Nano on the other hand, is still for sale and looks to have the same style layout, plus a mini USB built-in. Have you had any experience with the nano version of Arduino, and would it be usable in place of the pro mini?

  10. NeX says:

    really? they are everywhere, have you tried sparkfun or ebay? the nano is much bigger when it comes to fitting it in a gameboy. it will fit but its not as easy

  11. Jazzmarazz says:

    You’re right, they are on Sparkfun. This may be the first time Amazon.con has let me down. :P

    Unrelated to midi and Arduino, I have been experimenting with the Prosound mod and found that if you remove the default headphone jack (all four wires) and install a headphone jack alone in the corner, then bridge the third and fourth (counting from left to right) connections to where the old headphone jack was, the DMG will retain the functionality of the standard speaker, and will still shut it off when headphones are inserted. I was under the impression that the small pcb that had the standard headphone jack was to switch between speaker and phones, correct me if Im wrong.

    This method has a flaw though. If the headphones are inserted and then the power is turned on, both phones and speaker will make sound.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

  12. NeX says:

    i don’t trust Amazon. there are much better websites for stuff

    the white wire at the end is the shut off for the internal speaker, if it is connected to ground then the internal speaker will work. the headphone jack has a switch in it for this. the board that the headphone jack is a filter board for the audio decoupling, removing that board means that you get raw DC out of the jack instead of AC, which is not good for headphones and will probabably burn them out.

  13. Jazzmarazz says:

    Oooohh…Ill be putting that back in then…Thanks for the tip. :P
    Im looking into your modded flash cart atm.

  14. kIHLEY says:


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