RGB Boy Lite + Screen Invert control test

Just a quick update.

This is the RGB Boy Lite that I did on commission. It has less features than the full-featured one but it still has the essential stuff from its big brother, such as an internal Arduinoboy and fully controllable lights.


Singing a duet with big brother:

Here I’m experimenting with inverting only a portion of the screen by controlling an XOR chip in real time with an Arduino. The screen is a biverted pocket screen for maximum contrast.

More on both these mods later, so stay tuned.

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8 Responses to RGB Boy Lite + Screen Invert control test

  1. Theta_Frost says:

    Nice! What exact color combo produced that rad green outlined orange backlight!!! :D I’m working on a pocket an that would be the perfect combo!

  2. NeX says:

    i think the combo you are after is red and green, i am also working on this idea in a pocket gameboy but i am still waiting on parts. i will be doing an installation guide for nonfinite about it.

  3. Theta_Frost says:

    Sweet! Rock on! The screen invert is pretty nifty too, if games could take control of it that could be an interesting graphical element. Also if you’ve done anything else with them, I love Super GB mods! ;)

  4. NeX says:

    well giving games the ability to control something like the XOR chip is easy, but then the game has to be rewritten which is the problem. there are loads of ways to get controls out of the gameboy even via the serial port, but not many people can program in that language.

  5. Theta_Frost says:

    Well, if they can, a homebrew game that uses that would be awesome. A laser beam as an inverted line per say. Keep up the good work!

  6. NeX says:

    that would be a little more work, the gameboy would have to keep timing too, but yea in theory its pretty simple, its the rom coding thats the hard part!

  7. wayne says:

    hi i just ordered a dmg clear body to start moding out i love what you have done i was wondering if you had a parts list for doing ghis stuff or a recommended forum to read up on

  8. NeX says:

    hi there, sorry for the late reply, check out Chipmusic.org or NoiseChannel.org there are lots of great websites selling parts and offering advice, also everything i have done is entirely self taught, so its not that hard to learn and start to experiment yourself, good luck!

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